Stefan Hild, 22.06.2021

Tue 22.06.2021, 16:30 (Zoom)

Stefan Hild (Maastricht University)

Status of Gravitational Waves Searches



The discoveries of gravitational waves from binary black holes and neutron stars has provided us with a stunning glimpse at an entirely new way to explore our universe. In order to discover new phenomena and better understand the constituents of the Cosmos and the forces driving it, it is vital to improve the sensitivity of future gravitational wave observatories. The planned Einstein Telescope (ET) will be the first one of an entirely new class of gravitational wave observatories, targeting to go beyond the fundamental limits of the current gravitational wave detectors. The talk will cover what new discoveries we can expect to achieve with ET. Also an overview of the design  and the technological challenges of ET will be given, as well as an update of the ET related activities in the Dutch-Belgium-German border region, one of two candidate sites for hosting the Einstein Telescope.

Host: Thomas Hebbeker