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General Information

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Experimental Condensed Matter, Quantum Technology and Biophysics


Experimental Particle and Astroparticle Physics


Theory of Condensed Matter, Theory of Quantum Information and theoretical biophysics

  • Master theses with Professors Dr. Volker Meden, Dr. Herbert Schoeller and Dr. Maarten Wegewijs
  • Master theses with Professors Dr. Carsten Honerkamp, Dr. Riccardo Mazzarello and Dr. Stefan Wessel
  • Master theses with Professor Dr. Erik Koch and Professor Dr. Eva Pavarini
  • Master theses with Professor Dr. Kristel Michielsen
  • Master theses in quantum information with Professors Dr. David DiVincenzo, Dr. Fabian Hassler and Dr. Markus Müller
  • Master theses in theoretical biophysics with Professor Carloni

Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology

  • Master theses in theoretical particle physics and cosmology with Professors Dr. Michal Czakon, Dr. Robert Harlander, Dr. Michael Krämer, Dr. Julien Lesgourgues, Dr. Jamie Tattersall and Privatdozent Dr. Malgorzata Worek


  • Master theses at the chair for laser technology and the chair for technology of optical systems with Professors Dr. Reinhart Poprawe und Dr. Peter Loosen
  • Master theses in the group "Physcis of Molecular Imaging" of the Helmholtz institute for biomedical engineering with Professor Dr. Volkmar Schulz
  • Master Theses at IEK-3 of FZ Jülich (Institute for fuel cells) with Professor Dr. Detlef Stolten
  • Master Theses at IEK-4 of FZ Jülich (Plasma physics)
  • Master Theses at IEK-9 of FZ Jülich (Institute for electro chemistry) with Professor Dr. Rüdiger-A. Eichel
  • Master Theses at INM-1 of FZ Jülich (Structural and functional organisation of the brain)
  • Master Theses at INM-4 of FZ Jülich (Medical imaging physics) with Professor Dr. N.J. Shah
  • Master Theses at the Center for Computational Engineering Science with Professor Dr. Martin Frank
  • Master Theses at the Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives with Professor Dr. Dirk Uwe Sauer
  • Master Theses at AIXTRON, Contact person is Professor Dr. Michael Heuken, Compound Semiconductor Technology Teaching and Research Area
  • Master Theses at the Institut für Technische Verbrennung