The PhenoChat is a bi-weekly meeting taking place every second Friday during the lecture period at the time of the customary lunch break, i.e. from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.

The goal of the PhenoChat is to teach doctoral researchers how to present and discuss not only their own research but more importantly the research of others in a concise manner within a short time span of up to twenty minutes. No presentation with slides prepared beforehand is allowed. Rather, the speaker must use the white/black board to introduce the topic, and then highlight the essential points within the discussed publication. The ensuing discussion focuses on questions by the doctoral researchers. The senior researchers remain in the background and help the discussion only if needed. After every PhenoChat, an anonymous feedback form is filled by the participants and handed to the presenter to help improve his/her skills.

Every PhenoChat sessions starts with a question for interesting factoids or news from the audience, and then continues with two planned presentations. We strive to reach a balance between experimental and theoretical publications, and the order of the presentations is switched for fairness.

More info can be found in RWTHmoodle. If you would like to be added to RWTHmoodle please send an email to the organizers.