Career Start


An overview of the job opportunities for physicists can be found at Welt der Physik

In a podcast of the jDPG, physicists talk about their everyday professional life.

Several times a semester, the physics department offers lectures by former graduates who talk about their experiences in the profession.

The German Physical Society regularly offers week-end seminars on this topic.

The Labour Market Study 2010 and Labour Market Stud 2017 of the German Physical Society are also useful.

Support for your career start is offered by the Career Center of RWTH.

The Studentinitiative Bonding organizes fares with companies and allows the contact with potential employers.

The Webportal offers an online job market especially for physicists.

For example the Job Shadowing is a very interesting opportunity.

Similar options offers the so called Mentoring program of the German Physical Society as its programme Ein Tag vor Ort.

An opportunity to get contact to comapanies in the region of Aachen is the Job-Caching.

On the pages of the Career Center you can also find tips for your applications.

Other intomations about the start into the job you can find on the web page Berufsstart.

If you are considering becoming a teacher after completing your physics studies, the study advisor for physics enducation will help you. For Master graduates there is the possibility of a side entry via the part-time preparatory service (OBAS).