Information about Master's Theses


General Information

You can find a template for the first page of a RWTH thesis here.

We recommend a title page without logo. If you want to use the logo, please also submit this form.

And please also fill and submit the form of the Statutory Declaration in Lieu of an Oath.


Experimental Condensed Matter, Quantum Technology and Biophysics

  • Master theses with Professors Dr. Manuel Angst and Dr. Thomas Brückel
  • Master theses with Professor Dr. ir. Rami Barends
  • Master theses with Professor Dr. Hendrik Bluhm
  • Master theses with Professors Dr. Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski, Dr. Joachim Mayer und Dr. Carsten Sachse
  • Master theses with Professor Dr. Jörg Fitter
  • Master theses with Professor Dr. Detlev Grützmacher, Professor Dr. Thomas Schäpers, PD. Alexander Pawlis, Prof. Dr. Beata Kardynal und Dr. Peter Schüffelgen
  • Master theses with Professor Dr. Uwe Klemradt
  • Master theses with Professor Dr. Markus Morgenstern
  • Master theses with Professor Dr. Christoph Stampfer and Dr. Bernd Beschoten
  • Master theses with Professors Dr. Frank Stefan Tautz,  Dr. Christian Kumpf, Dr. Markus Ternes, und Dr. Bert Voigtländer
  • Master theses with Professor Dr. Thomas Taubner
  • Master theses with Professor Dr. Matthias Wuttig

Experimental Particle and Astroparticle Physics


Theory of Condensed Matter, Theory of Quantum Information and theoretical biophysics

  • Master theses with Professors Dr. Volker Meden, Dr. Herbert Schoeller and Dr. Maarten Wegewijs
  • Master theses with Professors Dr. Carsten Honerkamp, Dr. Riccardo Mazzarello and Dr. Stefan Wessel
  • Master theses with Professor Dr. Erik Koch and Professor Dr. Eva Pavarini
  • Master theses with Professor Dr. Kristel Michielsen
  • Master theses in quantum information with Professors Dr. David DiVincenzo, Dr. Mario Berta, Dr. Fabian Hassler and Dr. Markus Müller
  • Master theses in theoretical biophysics with Professor Carloni

Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology

  • Master theses in theoretical particle physics and cosmology with Professors Dr. Michal Czakon, Dr. Robert Harlander, Dr. Michael Krämer, Dr. Julien Lesgourgues, Dr. Jamie Tattersall and Privatdozent Dr. Malgorzata Worek


Please note that in the case of professors who do not belong to the physics department an application to the examination board is required before the thesis topic is issued.

  • Master theses in the group "Computational Biotechnologie" of the Aachen Biology und Biotechnology with Professor Dr. Maria Fyta
  • Master theses at the chair for laser technology and the chair for technology of optical systems with Professor Dr. Carlo Holly
  • Master theses in the group "Physcis of Molecular Imaging" of the Helmholtz institute for biomedical engineering with Professor Dr. Volkmar Schulz
  • Master Theses at IEK-3 of FZ Jülich (Institute for fuel cells) with Professor Dr. Detlef Stolten
  • Master Theses at IEK-4 of FZ Jülich (Plasma physics)
  • Master Theses at IEK-9 of FZ Jülich (Institute for electro chemistry) with Professor Dr. Rüdiger-A. Eichel
  • Master Theses at INM-1 of FZ Jülich (Structural and functional organisation of the brain)
  • Master Theses at INM-4 of FZ Jülich (Medical imaging physics) with Professor Dr. N.J. Shah
  • Master Theses at the Center for Computational Engineering Science with Professor Dr. Martin Frank
  • Master Theses at the Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives with Professor Dr. Dirk Uwe Sauer
  • Master Theses at AIXTRON, Contact person is Professor Dr. Michael Heuken, Compound Semiconductor Technology Teaching and Research Area
  • Master Theses at the Institut für Technische Verbrennung
  • Master Theses am Institute of Biological Information Processing Biomacromolecular Systems and Processes (IBI-4) of FZ Jülich
  • Master’s Theses in Medicine at the Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology of the University Hospital in Aachen
  • Master's Theses at Fraunhofer-Institut for production technology IPT