MyScore Physics



RWTH's digitization strategy has the objective of creating a modern, innovative, future-oriented university with attractive teaching for national and international students.

As part of RWTH's internationalization strategy, one of the objectives in the fields of mobility and internationalization of teaching is to increase the quality and quantity of study-related stays abroad by RWTH students.

The project Mobility System Cooperation in Higher Education (MyScore) at RWTH aims to harness the potential of digitization for internationalization on a large scale. The project has been established within the framework of a close cooperation between the International Office, the faculties and departments of Natural Resources and Waste Management Engineering, Civil Engineering and Physics and the central RWTH facility Media for Teaching (MfL) with international partners of RWTH.



In the summer semester 2020, the Department of Physics of RWTH has started collaboration with two of its IDEA league partners, namely Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and Delft University of Technology, or TU Delft, in the Netherlands, as a part of the Distance Learning and Distance Assessment initiative of the MyScore project.

Since then four new courses have been added to the Master’s Physics curriculum in the study track Quantum Technology, which expedited self-registration for both a shared-course and its exams at RWTHonline for the RWTH Master students. So far, we have offered a total of 12 courses to the two partners for sharing. We have also designed a hybrid seminar room to facilitate direct broadcasting of the courses shared by RWTH with interactive participation of both on-site (i.e. RWTH) and online (i.e. partner university) students. We are working continuously with the partner universities, as well as with members of the IDEA League, to address all technical, administrative and academic aspects and challenges of course-sharing at an international level. A detailed summary of these courses including the number of students, format of sharing the lecture material, type and method of conducting the exams, etc. can be found here and here. Although all these courses, so far, have been a part of the Master study track Quantum Technology at RWTH, the long-term goal is to extend this collaboration to other Master study tracks in Physics at RWTH.

We intend to expand our collaboration to not only the remaining IDEA League partners of RWTH, but also to universities belonging to other RWTH networks (e.g. ENHANCE) and beyond. We have made the first contact with universities from Israel and China to cultivate potential partnerships. Moreover, we are also interested in extending the collaboration with other Universities in the areas of Condensed Matter Physics (Theory, Experiment, Nanoelectronics, and Quantum Technology) and High Energy Physics (Theory, Experiment, and Astrophysics). If you are interested in such a collaboration, please contact the MyScore RWTH Physics team - Dr. Stefan Roth and Dr. Paramita Dey

For more information on the general MyScore project and the involvement of the Department of Physics, visit the website.


Offered Courses for Students from RWTH Aachen

The offered online courses are listed as electives on the page of the Department of Physics and the registration is done as usual via RWTHonline. Please note the possible limitation of the number of participants as well as the shifted time period of the courses, registration periods and exam dates compared to the usual semester schedule of RWTH Aachen.

Name of Course Registration period Course period
Quantum Computing (Chalmers University) 31.08.23-07.09.23 30.10.23-15.12.23

Offered Courses for Students from Partner Universities

Details on the lecture content of the offered online courses are listed on the page of the Department of Physics (Elective Courses → Focus of Studies/Specialization Courses → Quantum Technology). To register, please email Dr. Akbar Jafari (). Please note the possible shift of courses, registration periods and exam dates compared to the usual semester schedule of your university.

Semester Name of Course Registration period Course period
SS 23 Quantum Algorithms 20.03.23-25.03.23 03.04.23-14.07.23
SS 23 Spin Qubits 20.03.23-25.03.23 03.04.23-14.07.23
SS 23 Superconducting Qubit Circuits 20.03.23-25.03.23 03.04.23-14.07.23
SS 23 Spinelectronics 20.03.23-25.03.23 03.04.23-14.07.23
SS 23 Quantum Information 20.03.23-25.03.23 03.04.23-14.07.23
WS 23/24 Quantum Optics 25.09.23-29.09.23 09.10.23-02.02.24
WS 23/24 Hardware Platforms for Quantum Technology 25.09.23-29.09.23 09.10.23-02.02.24
WS 23/24 Quantum Theory derived from Information Principles 25.09.23-29.09.23 09.10.23-02.02.24
WS 23/24 Cryogenics for Research Instrumentation 25.09.23-29.09.23 09.10.23-02.02.24