Programs for scholars

Schueler bei Physikwoche

The department of physics offers several programs for scholars of all ages. They present an insight into physics at large or specific topics. They include visits to the phyics department at the Physikzentrum, visits of lectures, experiments to lend and special events for gifted and highly interested scholars. As the projects are in German language please refer to the project's corresponding German website.


Contact public relations

If no contact is given for a project or if you have a general question please contact Dr. Uwe Kahlert.

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Scholars in lectures

Visit a lecture to gain a first insight into the studies of physics at RWTH Aachen University. You may even do a complete course that will be credited for your studies later on.

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Physics Week

Once a year highly gifted and interested scholars are offered a week of lectures an experiments. They usually focus on the physics of light.

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International Masterclasses

How do particle physicist research? Work one day as a worldwide team with the tools, data and methods of particle physics and find out about the mysteries of particles.

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