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10.06.2022Michele LupattelliPhenomelogy of ttbb at the LHC
10.06.2022Jonathan HermannttH production in the Higgs characterisation model at NLO in QCD with full off-shell effects
08.06.2022Magnus SchaafAutoEFT: Automating Effective Field Theories
18.05.2022Marco NiggetiedtExact top-quark mass effects in gluon-fusion Higgs boson production at NNLO
16.05.2022Terry GeneretB-hadron production in NNLO QCD: application to LHC tt events with leptonic decays
16.05.2022Jasmina NasufiModeling uncertainties of ttW in multi-lepton channel
12.05.2022Colomba BrancaccioHiggs-boson production in top-quark fragmentation
12.05.2022Marco NiggetiedtExact Top-Quark Mass Dependence in Gluon Fusion at NNLO
29.04.2022Marco NiggetiedtThe complete singlet contribution to the massless quark form factor at three loops in QCD
26.04.2022Annika SteinImproving robustness of jet tagging algorithms with adversarial training
23.03.2022Lorenzo VigilanteModel Unspecific Search in CMS (MUSiC)
22.03.2022Thorben FinkeClassification of Fermi-LAT blazars with Bayesian neural networks
22.03.2022Magnus SchaafConstructing Effective Field Theories to Higher Mass Dimensions
21.03.2022Frederic EngelkeSearch for supersymmetry in single lepton events with the full Run 2 data
21.03.2022Spandan MondalCharm tagger shape calibration for BDT-based signal-background discrimination
21.03.2022Annika SteinInvestigation of robustness of b-Tagging algorithms for the CMS Experiment
25.02.2022Jonathan HermannThe impact of top-quark modelling on the exclusion limits in tt+DM searches at the LHC

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