Informationen für Studierende


The core of the qualification programme of the proposed RTG consists of supervision by two doctoral advisors as well as participation in a set of lectures, block courses, seminars and meetings. This is strengthened by integration in larger research groups, for instance in the CMS collaboration in the case of students working on topics with primary focus on experiment. Emphasis is also put on acquiring soft skills, for instance using the support of the Center for Young Academics of the RWTH Aachen University. Our final goal is to train young researchers to become leaders either in academia or in the industry. One important aspect of our programme is that you will have responsibilities towards the group early on. In particular, you will be represented in the management structures, you will decide on the seminar program, and the program of the yearly meeting. Furthermore, you will work on self-promotion by giving presentations on the international arena.  Finally, we will manage a visitor programme, which will allow us to invite the leaders in the fields of study related to the research program of the RTG.

Our qualification programme consists of several essential points:

  1. Tandem supervision of the doctoral researchers by two principal investigators of the RTG, one from experiment and one from theory
  2. Coherent graduate school programme that consists of lectures, block courses, weekly seminars, and external schools and conferences
  3. Close integration of the doctoral researchers into their respective workgroups and the corresponding international collaborations
  4. Yearly meeting
  5. Participation in the offer of the RWTH Center for Young Academics