Publications 2022





18 arXiv  inSpire

ttbb predictions at NLO in QCD and  b-jet modelling

Michele Lupattelli


17 arXiv  inSpire

A study of additional jet activity in top quark pair production and decay at the LHC

Giuseppe Bevilacqua, Michele Lupattelli, Daniel Stremmer, Malgorzata Worek


16 arXiv  inSpire

ttZ in the 4l channel at NLO in QCD

Jasmina Nasufi


15 arXiv  inSpire

NLO QCD corrections and off-shell effects for ttH production in the Higgs characterisation model

Jonathan Hermann


14 arXiv  inSpire

Revisiting the double-soft asymptotics of one-loop amplitudes in massless QCD

M. Czakon, F. Eschment, T. Schellenberger


13 arXiv inSpire

Modelling uncertainties of ttW in multi-lepton channel

Jasmina Nasufi


12 arXiv inSpire

NNLO B-fragmentation fits and their application to tt production and decay at the LHC

Michal Czakon, Terry Generet, Alexander Mitov, Rene Poncelet


11 arXiv inSpire

Strategies and performance of the CMS silicon tracker alignment during LHC Run 2

CMS Collaboration (Danilo Meuser)


10 arXiv inSpire

CP structure of the top-quark Yukawa interaction: NLO QCD corrections and off-shell effects

Jonathan Hermann, Daniel Stremmer, Malgorzata Worek


9 arXiv inSpire

Boosting mono-jet searches with model-agnostic machine learning

Thorben Finke, Michael Krämer, Maximilian Lipp, Alexander Mück


8 arXiv inSpire

NLO QCD corrections to full off-shell production of ttZ including leptonic decays

Giuseppe Bevilacqua, Heribertus Bayu Hartanto,  Manfred Kraus,   Jasmina Nasufi  and Malgorzata Worek


7 arXiv inSpire

Improving robustness of jet tagging algorithms with adversarial training

Annika Stein , Xavier Coubez, Spandan Mondal, Andrzej Novak, Alexander Schmidt


6 CERN Document Server inSpire

Direct search for the standard model Higgs boson decaying to a charm quark-antiquark pair

CMS Collaboration (Spandan Mondal)


5 arXiv inSpire

ttbb at the LHC: On the size of off-shell effects and prompt b-jet identification

Giuseppe Bevilacqua, Huan-Yu Bi, Heribertus Bayu Hartanto, Manfred Kraus, Michele Lupattelli, Malgorzata Worek


4 arXiv inSpire

Full off-shell predictions and b-jet definitions for ttbb at NLO in QCD

Michel Lupattelli


3 arXiv inSpire

What's Anomalous in LHC Jets?

Thorsten Buss, Barry M. Dillon, Thorben Finke, Michael Krämer, Alessandro Morandini, Alexander Mück, Ivan Oleksiyuk, Tilman Plehn


2 arXiv inSpire

ttW at NLO in QCD: Full off-shell effects and precision observables

Jasmina Nasufi


 arXiv inSpire

On the exclusion limits in  ttˉ+ DM searches at the LHC

Jonathan Hermann