Publikationen 2023



8 arXiv inSpire

SR-GAN for SR-gamma: photon super resolution at collider experiments

Florian Mausolf

7 inSpire

Search for HH production in the bbWW decay mode

Dennis Noll (CMS Collaboration)

6 arXiv inSpire

Subleading Effects in Soft-Gluon Emission at One-Loop in Massless QCD

Michal Czakon, Felix Eschment und Tom Schellenberger

5 arXiv inSpire

Leveraging on-shell interference to search for FCNCs of the top quark and the Z boson

Lucas Cremer, Johannes Erdmann, Roni Harnik, Jan Lukas Späh, Emmanuel Stamou

4 arXiv inSpire

The Standard Model Effective Field Theory up to Mass Dimension 12

R.V. Harlander, T. Kempkens, M.C. Schaaf

3 arXiv inSpire

Improving robustness of jet tagging algorithms with adversarial training: exploring the loss surface

Annika Stein

2 arXiv inSpire

Learning the language of QCD jets with transformers

Thorben Finke

1 inSpire

Going fast on a small-size computing cluster

Niclas Steve Eich, Martin Erdmann, Svenja Diekmann, Manfred Peter Fackeldey, Benjamin Fischer, Dennis Noll and Yannik Alexander Rath