Biophysics is an interdisciplinary approach using theories, concepts and methods from physics to study biological systems. Our major goal is to obtain a quantitative understanding of biological macromolecules and of biological processes.


Computational Biophysics and Biomedicine

(Professor Paolo Carloni, GRS/ IAS, FZ Jülich )

Multi-scale molecular simulation and structural bioinformatics, computational spectroscopy


Molecular Biophysics

(Professor Jörg Fitter, Institut IA)

Study of the function of proteins and macromolecular complexes in their cellular context at the molecular level with optical spectroscopic techniques



(Professor Andreas Offenhäusser & Juniorprofessor Bernhard Wolfrum, PGI-8/ICS-8, FZ Jülich)

Interdisciplinary studies and development of functional assemblies of biological components and electronic devices, nano-tools for cell-chip communication