Condensed Matter Experiment

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Experimental condensed matter physics research at RWTH covers a broad range of topics mostly in solid state physics, but also biophysics and polymers.
A particular focus are new approaches to information processing such as materials for novel data storage concepts, using spins, or harnessing quantum properties. New devices, material properties and the underlying physics are studied to develop the basis of tomorrows technology.



Research Activities

Research Area Group Leader Institute
Phase change memory and materials physics Professor Matthias Wuttig Institute IA
Nanostructure optics Professor Gero von Plessen Institute IA
Metamaterials und nano optics Professor Thomas Taubner Institute IA
Nanoelectronic devices Professor Christoph Stampfer Institute IIA
Electron systems at the atomic scale Professor Markus Morgenstern Institute IIB
Structural phase transitions Professor Uwe Klemradt

Institute IIB

Structure and dynamics of atomic and molecular model systems Professor Markus Ternes Insitute IIB
Quantum technology Professor Hendrik Bluhm Institute IIC
Extreme UV radiation Professor Larissa Juschkin EUV
Biophysics Professor Jörg Fitter Institute IA
Micro and nano structure analysis Professor Joachim Mayer GFE
Microstructure research Professor Rafal Dunin-Borkowski PGI-5, FZ Jülich
Bioelectronics Professor Andreas Offenhäusser PGI-8/ICS-8, FZ Jülich
Nanomagnetism and strongly correlated systems Professor Thomas Brückel PGI-4/JCNS-2, FZ Jülich
Semiconductor nanoelectronics Professor Detlev Grützmacher PGI-9, FZ Jülich
Functional nanostructures at surfaces Professor Stefan Tautz PGI-3, FZ Jülich