Markus Müller

Universitätsprofessor, Group Leader Theoretical Quantum Technology

Segmented ion trap © Markus Müller

Quantum information is fragile, which is why quantum computers must also be able to correct errors. But what if whole qubits are lost? Researchers at RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich, in collaboration with Universities of Innsbruck and Bologna, are now presenting a method in the journal Nature that allows quantum computers to keep going even if they lose some qubits along the way.


Experimental deterministic correction of qubit loss
Roman Stricker, Davide Vodola, Alexander Erhard, Lukas Postler, Michael Meth, Martin Ringbauer, Philipp Schindler, Thomas Monz, Markus Müller, Rainer Blatt.
Nature 585, 207 (2020)

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