Seminar announcements


The CMS provides a mechanism to gather events and to list the ones in
the near future, thus providing a similar functionality as the one
used so far ( Currently (Sept 2014),
a few seminars and the colloquium are managed in this way.
Additional seminar schedules are welcome and encouraged.
These can be included as follows:

- The schedule must be hosted on any CMS page (institute or department level)
- It must make use of the event objects provided by the CMS
- The structure and content of the data sets must match those already in use
(adjustments will be considered if they provide an overall advantage.)
Furthermore, the records must provide meaningful information
(e.g. what seminar series) when displayed on the department webpage.
Nondescript titles (e.g. "Friday Seminar") will likely not be acceptable.

Once these conditions are met, please contact the web editorial team
to integrate the schedule into the department calendar.
For technichal assistance please contact Larissa Paul or Markus Winkler.