Collaboration platforms


We installed a Mattermost server. Here working groups can organize their work flow, documents, meetings and the like. Each team admin in mattermost can create accounts for new team members.

LaTeX publication collaboration:

  • git, for example with or (further information)
    • same-time file edits lead to interesting tedious merges
    • look into .gitignore: to not include temporary latex files
  • Dropbox or Sciebo (Dropbox replacement recommended by RWTH)
    • Sciebo has no backup infrastructure, thanks Robert Harlander for the comment.
    • Neither Sciebo nor Dropbox are "real" backup services
    • same-time access to files leads to generation of conflict files
  • there are commercial online services that allow for real-time collaboration in the same document
    • Overleaf / ShareLaTeX just merged together. They are web browser based and offer latex same-time editing
    • RWTH Aachen may in the future offer some similar service or host an existing collaboration service on its own. We will update you if that happens.
    • If you have money to spare and enjoy this form of collaboration, maybe this is already worth looking into.