RWTH Compute-Cluster

RWTH Compute-Cluster

2018/12/17: The Cluster gets an upgrade coined "CLAIX-2018"

  • As part of that hardware upgrade, the IT Center will also change the job scheduling system from LSF to SLURM.
  • bsub commands will be replaced by sbatch by the end of April2019 for all systems! You will have to redo your job submission scripts. They will not continue to work the way they are now.
  • default modules (like intel compiler version) will change, you might need to recompile at some point
  • I compiled and updated a short list of RWTH compute cluster documentation resources and info on SLURM in a git repository (RWTH git access needed, fixes welcome)
  • Information on the transition and the new hardware can be found of the aixcelerate 2018 slides titled "Overview" and "SLURM"
  • There will be another workshop on parallel programming next year, PPCES 2018, which will be listed here (usually in march)
  • You can expect the IT center's documentation on the upgrade to gradually improve. (Right now, to me it seems non-existent except for the published aixcelerate workshop slides)

Video converencing

The DFN has now released a new conference platform DFNconf. As member of RWTH, you can login with your TIM ID. From our point of view, the most important features are:

  • no client software needed
  • Full web browser support - only Firefox/Chrome, mic, cam and speakers/headphones needed (contact us if you need this hardware).
  • you can invite guests
  • connect via browser, SIP/H.323, phone, skype for business, smartphone Pexip app
  • intuitive GUI
  • share your screen or documents/slides with conference members

DFNconf Cons include:

  • meeting room creation german only (app itself is english)
  • shared docs seem to have reduced resolution - this may be problematic for in-app paper discussions (alternatively open pdf separately)
  • shared docs without markers/interaction possiblity etc
  • it is not what everyone already uses

Some developments with regards to skype usage:

  • Upon request we can now install skype on your linux desktop and order an appropriate webcam
  • You could and still can install/use skype on your own devices
  • Vidyo (CERN) has no client for Linux, so you need windows for that

Collaboration platforms

LaTeX publication collaboration:

  • git, for example with
    • same-time file edits lead to interesting tedious merges
    • look into .gitignore: to not include temporary latex files
  • Dropbox or Sciebo (Dropbox replacement recommended by RWTH)
    • Sciebo has no backup infrastructure, thanks Robert Harlander for the comment.
    • Neither Sciebo nor Dropbox are "real" backup services
    • same-time access to files leads to generation of conflict files
  • there are commercial online services that allow for real-time collaboration in the same document
    • Overleaf / ShareLaTeX just merged together. They are web browser based and offer latex same-time editing
    • RWTH Aachen may in the future offer some similar service or host an existing collaboration service on its own. We will update you if that happens.
    • If you have money to spare and enjoy this form of collaboration, maybe this is already worth looking into.