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Lock your jackets and bags in the lockers in front of the library entrance. You will need a 2-euro coin as a deposit.


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  • The library is open for students, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Beverages may be brought into the library in tightly sealed bottles/containers. Open cups, non-closable cans, to-go cups or similar are not allowed.
    Food is generally not permitted.
  • Mandatory copies of doctoral theses can be sent by post or submitted after appointment.
    Contact details: / 0241-8027005

The Physics Library offers central services in literature and information research for the Department of Physics. It coordinates the journal subscriptions for the department, both online and print, and has a selection of basic textbooks available for physics studies, in addition to professional literature. It provides help with searches and interlibrary loans and has a large number of working places.

The library is a reference library. Members of the institute are allowed to use monographs at their offices.

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