• This e-print server is the German equivalent of It contains preprints from different fields, including
    • high-energy physics: hep-th, hep-exp, hep-ph, hep-lat
    • gravitation and cosmology: gr-qc
    • condensed matter: cond-mat
  • CERN Preprints: Here you can find preprints scanned from the CERN library and references to other preprint servers.
  • SPIRES-HEP (SLAC): In this database you will find preprints, articles in journals, and people and institutions in the field of high-energy physics. SPIRES-Mirror (Durham) is an incomplete copy of this database.

General Information About Electronic Publications

There are currently three main providers of electronic preprints.

E-Print Server

The E-Print Server in Augsburg is the central e-print server for Germany. There are different lists organized by topic, including:

  • hep-th: High energy physics, theory
  • hep-ph: High energy physics, phenomenology
  • hep-lat: High energy physics, lattice
  • cond-mat: Condensed matter physics
  • gr-qc: Gravitation and cosmology

These lists are open, meaning anyone can publish articles in them.


The SLAC library in Stanford operates a comprehensive database with publications from the field of high-energy physics. New preprints are published weekly in the form of the PPF list (Preprints in particles and fields).


The library at CERN summarizes records preprints daily, which weren't published electronically, with the help of an optic scanner. These preprints can be accessed and viewed with a browser like Mosaic.