Theory PPC


Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology

Theory of elementary particles, quantum field theory, theoretical astroparticle physics, cosmology

Members: Prof. Dr. Michal Czakon, Prof. Dr. Robert Harlander, Prof. Dr. Michael Krämer, Prof. Dr. F. Kahlhoefer, Prof. Dr. Julien Lesgourgues, Prof. Dr. Philipp Mertsch


Research presentations

26 C 402, 14:00-14:50

Research at the Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology M. Czakon, R. Harlander, F. Kahlhoefer, M. Krämer, J. Lesgourgues, P. Mertsch, C. Schwinn, M. Worek

Bachelor and master thesis projects

All questions related to bachelor and master thesis projects in theoretical physics (subjects, methods, requirements, organization) can be discussed within the office hour 16:00-17:00. Some of the projects are announced on the website.

MBP 106 M. Czakon

28A 414

R. Harlander
MBP 112 F. Kahlhoefer
28 A 410 M. Krämer
MBP 105 J. Lesgourgues
28 A 409 P. Mertsch
28 A 413 C. Schwinn
MBP108 M. Worek