Institute IIIB


Elementary Particle Physics, Astroparticle Physics, Detector Development, Medical Physics and Computing

Prof. Dr. Achim Stahl, Prof. Dr. Christopher Wiebusch, Jun-Prof. Dr. Malte Göttsche, Prof. Dr. Andreas Lehrach, Prof. Dr. Livia Ludhova, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Oliver Pooth, Prof. Dr. Jörg Pretz, Prof. Dr. Stefan Roth, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schmidt, Prof. Dr. Volkmar Schulz

Sekretariat: Frau Claudia Cüster-Weiger, Ruth Jansen, Raum 26C 206 , Tel. 80-27301 , Fax 80-22244,

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Presentations at guided tours

14:00 and 15:00

Room Presentations at guided tours Speakers
Foyer Turm 26, 2nd floor Particle Physics with the LHC T. Hebbeker, A. Schmidt, A. Stahl, M. Erdmann (IIIA+IIIB)
26 C 201 GRID Computing world-wide and modern data analysis in particle physics A. Stahl, M. Erdmann, T. Kreß, A. Nowack (IIIA+IIIB)
CMS Model, Turm 26, 2nd floor Higgs and Tau data analysis with the CMS experiment at the LHC A. Stahl, W. Lohmann, H. Sert, Th. Müller
28 A 110 Neutrino-oscillations with the Borexino, Double-Chooz and JUNO experiments L. Ludhova, A. Stahl, C. Wiebusch, D. Hellwig, F. Kiel
28 A 110 Medical physics V. Schulz
Halle Physik 004 Detector development for CMS (Muon & Silicon Tracker) Th. Hebbeker, A. Stahl, M. Merschmeyer, O. Pooth (IIIA+IIIB)
28 A 110 Measurement of electrical dipole-moments (EDM) at storage rings with JEDI experiment J. Pretz, A. Lehrach
Halle Physik Search for cosmic neutrinos with IceCube Chr. Wiebusch, J. Auffenberg
Halle Physik Enceladus Explorer: Acoustic navigation in ice Chr. Wiebusch, D. Heinen
Halle Physik 006 Neutrino-oscillations with the T2K experiment, R&D for drift chambers St. Roth, Philipp Hamacher-Baumann
28 A 110 Nuclear verification and disarmament M. Göttsche

Bachelor thesis topics


Room Bachelor thesis topics Research advisors
26 C 207 Analysis and detector development for neutrino astronomy (IceCube), acoustic navigation in ice (Enceladus Explorer) Ch. Wiebusch
26 C 212 Low energy particle physics: Precision experiments to measure electrical dipole moments at storage rings J. Pretz
26 C 204 Neutrino physics with T2K, drift chambers St. Roth
26 C 211 CMS Upgrade detector development, neutron detectors O. Pooth
26 C 215 Physics of particle accelerators A. Lehrach
26 C 203 Analysis (Higgs&Tau) for CMS Th. Müller, A. Stahl
26 C 217 Neutrino physics with JUNO, Borexino and Double-Chooz F. Kiel, L. Ludhova, A. Stahl, Ch. Wiebusch
26 C 205 Medical physics V. Schulz
28 A 223 Grid Computing A. Nowack, A. Stahl
26 C 209 Nukleare Abrüstung M. Chera, M. Göttsche

Master thesis topic


Same coordinates as Bachelor thesis topics.

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