Within the Research Training Group, various lectures are offered:

SS 2020

Quantum Field Theory of Particle Physics II, Prof. R. Harlander

Dark Matter, Prof. F. Kahlhoefer

Particle Physics II, Prof. M. Erdman

Physics at the LHC with the CMS experiment, Prof. A. Schmidt, Prof. O. Pooth

Astroparticle Physics, Prof. C Wiebusch

WS 2019/2020

Quantum Field Theory of Particle Physics I, Prof. R. Harlander

Particle Physics I, Prof. M. Erdman

Advanced quantum field theory, Prof. M. Czakon

Theory of Relativity and Cosmology, Prof. J. Lesgourgues

Statistics and Data Analysis, Prof. J. Pretz

Experimental Techniques in Particle Physics, Prof. A. Schmidt