Past semesters


Physics Colloquium in past semesters

Date Speaker Title
09/07/2018 Dr. Daniela Dorner (University of Würzburg) Monitoring the Non-Thermal Universe
25/06/2018 Prof. Chrisitian Enss (University of Heidelberg) Metallic Magnetic-Calorimeters a Novel Key Technology for Neutrino Physics and Beyond
11/06/2018 Prof. Sebastian Huber (ETH Zurich) Topological Mechanics
28/05/2018 Prof. Dr. Freya Blekman (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) The Top portal to discovery at the Large Hadron Collider
07/05/2018 Prof. Antonio Riotto (University of Geneva) Inflation after the Higgs
16/04/2018 Dr. Christian Fidler (RWTH Aachen University) Simulations of the Universe in General Relativity
29/01/2018 Prof. Dr. Eva Weig (Universität Konstanz) Exploring classical coherence with nanomechanical systems
22/01/2018 Dr. Martin Salinga (RWTH Aachen Unviersity) How resistively switching materials open up new ways to process information
15/01/2018 Prof. Dr. Tilman Esslinger (ETH Zurich) Building quantum systems from scratch: supersolids and more
18/12/2017 Prof. Dr. Reinhart Poprawe (RWTH Aachen University) Physics in Tailored Light – The future of Laser Technology
04/12/2017 Prof. Dr. Alexander Grossmann (HTWK Leipzig) New Perspectives in Scientific Publishing
20/11/2017 Prof. em. Dr. Herwig Schopper (Universität Hamburg) SESAME - a synchrotron radiation laboratory in Jordan and "science for peace"
06/11/2017 Dr. Oana Cojocaru-Miredin (RWTH Aachen University) Designing novel solar devices via understanding the link between structure, chemistry, and performance at the nanoscale
16/10/2017 Dr. Felix Kahlhoefer (RWTH Aachen University) Fantastic WIMPs and Where to Find Them
24/07/2017 Dr. Mikhail Pletyukhov (RWTH Aachen University) Many-body physics with light
26/06/2017 Dr. Daniela Huppenkothen (New York University) Wrong but Useful: Cutting-Edge Statistical and Machine Learning Applications for the Next Generation of High-Energy Astrophysics
12/06/2017 Prof. Dr. Mikhail Katsnelson (Radboud University of Nijmegen) Electronic structure and properties of a few-layer black phosphorus
22/05/2017 Prof. Dr. Joachim Burgdörfer (TU Wien) Attosecond physics: Opportunities and challenges
08/05/2017 Prof. Dr. Sandor Varro (Wigner Research Center for Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences) Hundred twelve years of the photon: from Einstein's light quanta to extreme light
24/04/2017 Dr. Gerda Horneck (DLR, Institute of Aerospace Medicine) Astrobiology, the Quest for the Conditions of Life in the Universe
30/01/2017 Prof. Joachim Ullrich (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig) Physical units based on fundamental constants - changing with time?
16/01/2017 Prof. Andrei Lavrinenko (Technical University of Denmark) Surface waves in photonics applications
19/12/2016 Dr. Alexander Schmidt (Universität Hamburg) Quest for new physics at the LHC
05/12/2016 Dr. Christophe Grojean (DESY Hamburg) Quo Vadis Higgs?
21/11/2016 Prof. Katia Parodi (LMU Munich) State-of-the-art and physics research opportunities in ion beam therapy
07/11/2016 Prof. Yoichi Ando (University of Cologne) Topological Insulators and Superconductors
17/10/2016 Dr. Christian Autermann (RWTH Aachen) Search for Supersymmetry
04/07/2016 Prof. Michael Czakon (RWTH Aachen University) The top-quark and the fuss around its mass
20/06/2016 Prof. Alexander Khajetoorians (Radboud University Nijmegen) Magnetic LEGOs: magnetic design at the single atom level
06/06/2016 Prof. Grace Lu (University of Southern California) Physics of Semiconducting Nanowires
23/05/2016 Prof. Livia Ludhova (RWTH Aachen University) Neutrino Physics with Liquid Scintillator-Based Detectors
09/05/2016 Prof. Michele Heurs (MPI Hannover) The Gravitational Universe
18/04/2016 Prof. Ariel Goobar (University of Stockholm) Supernovae and the Acceleration of the Universe
08/04/2016 Prof. Leo DiCarlo (Delft University of Technology) Protecting quantum data in superconducting circuits
25/01/2016 Prof. Jan Conrad (Stockholm University) Searches for particle dark matter – in the sky and in the laboratory
11/01/2016 Prof. Thomas Bretz (RWTH Aachen University) Cherenkov astronomy through the ages - Silicon makes the difference
14/12/2015 Prof. Klaus Schulten (University of Illinois) Towards an Atomic Level Description of a Living Cell - The Photosynthetic Chromatophore of Purple Bacteria, a Milestone
30/11/2015 Prof. Herbi Dreiner (University of Bonn) The Bonn Physics Show
16/11/2015 Prof. Christian Pfleiderer (TU Munich) Condensed Matter Particle Physics in Chiral Magnets
13/08/2015 Yifang Wang (IHEP Beijing) Neutrino Physics @ China
29/06/2015 Kerstin Borras (RWTH Aachen) The CMS Experiment - Status and Perspectives
15/06/2015 Prof. Dr. Werner Hofmann (MPI Heidelberg) The Galaxy in a new light: Gamma-ray astronomy with Cherenkov telescopes
01/06/2015 Prof. Andrea Morello (University of New South Wales, Australia) Quantum information processing with single atoms in silicon
11/05/2015 Prof. Dr. Albrecht Böhm (RWTH Aachen) LEP, the large electron-positron storage ring at CERN: 30 years of technology and science !
27/04/2015 A/Prof. Andrey A. Sukhorukov (Australian National University) On-chip quantum photonics with coupled nonlinear waveguides
13/04/2015 Thomas F. Kelly, PhD (CAMECA Instruments, Inc.) Atomic-Scale Tomography: An Achievable Vision
12/01/2015 Prof. Dr. Franz von Feilitzsch (TU Munich) Results of the Borexino experiment and perspectives of low energy neutrino astronomy
08/12/2014 Prof. Atac Imamoglu (ETH Zurich) Cavity quantum electrodynamics with two-dimensional electron systems
24/11/2014 Prof. Susana Huelga (Ulm University) Vibrations, Quanta and Biology
10/11/2014 Dr. Lieven Vandersypen (Delft University of Technology) A silicon quantum computer
27/10/2014 Prof. Gene Mele (University of Pennsylvania USA, Loughborough University UK) The Winding Road to Topological Insulators
13/10/2014 Klaus Scherer (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) The Heliosphere An astrophysical laboratory for plasma physics and particle acceleration
30/06/2014 Prof. Dr. Reinhard Werner Uncertainly relations
16/06/2014 Dr. John Morton Electron and nuclear spin qbits using donors in silicon
26/05/2014 Prof. Dr. Achim Rosch (University of Cologne) Magnetic whirls in chiral magnets: skyrmions and emergent magnetic monopoles
19/05/2014 Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Meier (Universität Heidelberg) From Ions to Electrons - Physical Models of Brain Circuits
12/05/2014 Prof. Dr. Christoph H. Keitel Extremely high-intensity laser interactions with fundamental quantum systems
28/04/2014 Prof. Dr. Eberhard Widmann (Stefan Meyer Institute for Subatomic Physics, Austrian Academy of Sciences) Exotic atoms - tools to study fundamental interactions and symmetries
07/04/2014 Dr. Michael Dittmar (ETZ Zürich) Our Energy Problem: The next decades (boundary conditions, through the eyes of a physicist)